High Country RSVP Volunteer Testimonials

Here is what people are saying about their experiences with RSVP:

“I do this because I get to know people, stay active, and stay young. I love volunteering with RSVP!”

“I have been with RSVP for a long time and I know that it makes a difference. It motivates you to get out, help your peers, and make friends.”

“It has been a pleasure to volunteer with RSVP for so many years. It has been a source of pride to see what people can accomplish together.”

"I volunteer because it gives me a chance to give back what I have gratefully received during my life." - Jan Kaufman

"I volunteer in the community because I enjoy working with others who volunteer. I like to give back to the community." - Frances Rose

"I volunteer because I like to help people and be involved with many other people of all ages. My volunteer work at the hospitals is my mental and physical therapy." - Harry Brauneis

"I volunteer because I am retired and now have time to help out in the community whereas I never did before. I also feel it is rewarding to help people with no expectation of reimbursement." - Elaine Hanak-Hall

"I volunteer because I do not want a needy person in our community to feel alone or desperate because they need help and they do not know where or how to get assistance. For when they find that helping hand, they weight of the world is lifted and they can smile again!" - Bev Gray

"It keeps me young having someone depending on me to be a certain place at a given time." - Bob Campbell

"I volunteer in my community because I know it makes a difference. I hope that every volunteer knows that what they do for the community is priceless" - Mickey Neal

"I volunteer because I just enjoy making someone SMILE!!!" - Lorraine Lamoureux

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RSVP is the bridge between Seniors, their experiences and community needs!

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